A Space: 1999 commentary podcast from the makers of Bondfinger.

Head shot of Barbara Bain from the title sequence of Series 1 of Space: 1999. She looks impossible to startle.

Barbara Bain

War Games

Barbara is a a glass tank in a brightly and colourfully lit room. She is wearing elaborate pink satin sci-fi robes and looking off into the\ distance. In the background is an alien man with a massive domed head.

Season 1, Episode 4.
First broadcast on Thursday 25 September 1975.

Monday 12 February 2024 · Episode 4

This month’s ethereal immortal beings in a surreal Pinewood studio are Isla Blair and Anthony Valentine, who are (reasonably enough) so keen to avoid meeting the crew of Moonbase Alpha that they decide to just kill them all instead. Or do they?

Download · Open in new window · Duration: 0:59:43 · Recorded on Sunday 11 February 2024
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