A Space: 1999 commentary podcast from the makers of Bondfinger.

Head shot of Barbara Bain from the title sequence of Series 1 of Space: 1999. She looks impossible to startle.

Barbara Bain

Collision Course

At the end of the episode, Barbara and Martin stand at a window. Martin is  wearing a skimpy robe, revealing an unnecessary amount of chest hair. He's  not making eye contact with Barbara, who is looking at him with concern.

Season 1, Episode 3.
First broadcast on Thursday 18 September 1975.

Saturday 30 December 2023 · Episode 3

Moonbase Alpha is on a collision course this week, ineluctably destined to crash into a giant pustulent planet. Or is it? Commander Koenig — overcome by the charms of Queen Margaret Leighton — doesn’t think so, and so he turns up to Main Mission in his pyjamas like a Moonie and threatens to gun down anyone who attempts to prevent the collision, including, upsettingly, our own Barbara. But — inevitably — it all turns out for the best, and we end our second episode in a row staring out the window contemplating the metaphysical metamorphosis we have wrought.

Download · Open in new window · Duration: 0:59:40 · Recorded on Friday 29 December 2023
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