A Space: 1999 commentary podcast from the makers of Bondfinger.

Head shot of Barbara Bain from the title sequence of Series 1 of Space: 1999. She looks impossible to startle.

Barbara Bain

Voyager’s Return

Barbara is in sickbay, standing in front of one of Alpha's glowing blue walls. Her face is half in shadow, and she is glaring disapprovingly at  someone off camera.

Season 1, Episode 6.
First broadcast on Thursday 9 October 1975.

Sunday 16 June 2024 · Episode 6

This month, John and Victor decide that the pursuit of a shoebox full of polaroids is a good reason to risk the crew’s lives — entrusting their safety to this week’s guest star, a Nazi rocket scientist or something with a secret past that inevitably involved killing a whole bunch of people in an easily foreseeable accident. However, things hot up with the arrival of three steatopygous spaceships captained by a heavily-made up alien with no facial expression, who is understandably resolved to kill everyone on the base and all the loved ones they left behind them.

Download · Open in new window · Duration: 1:00:44 · Recorded on Saturday 15 June 2024
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