A Space: 1999 commentary podcast from the makers of Bondfinger.

Head shot of Barbara Bain from the title sequence of Series 1 of Space: 1999. She looks impossible to startle.

Barbara Bain


Barbara stands in front of a window in sick bay, her eyes wide and her lips pursed. She looks concerned.

Season 1, Episode 1.
First broadcast on Thursday 4 September 1975.

Saturday 28 October 2023 · Episode 1

September 13th, 1999. A nuclear waste dump on the moon is destroyed in an explosion so violent and so catastrophic that it creates a major science fiction show on ITV and the commentary podcast which tells its story. But before that, we witness some harrowing deaths, some attractive moustaches, and the quivering emotional restraint of Dr Helena Russell, from which this podcast gets its name.

Download · Open in new window · Duration: 1:08:22 · Recorded on Friday 27 October 2023
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